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Mon Nov 14 11:15:05 EST 2016

*JEAN & TERRY: Your Guides through Dark, Light, and Nebulous*

Kelly Bond & Melissa Krodman

*World Premiere!*

Give yourself the space to heal and connect. Kelly Bond and Melissa
Krodman, with performer-creators Jaime Maseda and Mark McCloughan, use
song, video, dance, and guided meditation to deeply connect audiences and
practice their own form of psychic activism.  Featuring video design by
Ilan Bachrach and music composition by Greg Svitil.

When the mundanity of everyday life crashes into psychic phenomena it helps
to have a guide.

Jean & Terry are a housewife and her spirit guide. They are alter egos for
a neurotic choreographer and her zen-ed out collaborator, a pair of
mountains, and a team of gods who smile from above. They are me and they
are you.

In their new experimental play and self-described form of psychic activism,
choreographers and performing artists Melissa Krodman and Kelly Bond peer
with a curious and open third eye into ideas of the Universal
Consciousness. The performers stage their attempts at seeking one-ness,
achieving telepathy, elevating our collective vibrational frequencies, and
acknowledging the impossibility of it all. Set against a journey across the
astral plane, JEAN & TERRY asks us to consider what we are made of and
what, if anything, separates us.

JEAN & TERRY was developed with support from <fidget> (Philadelphia), The
Lucky Penny (Atlanta), and Theater Emory (Atlanta).

Enter code *artist15* at check out for $15 tickets. Code applies to all
shows in our theater!

*Thu, Nov 17 at 8pm*
*Fri, Nov 18 at 8pm**Sat, Nov 19 at 8pm*


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