[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] Gallery performance this weekend!

Meredith Stapleton stapleton.meredith at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 09:04:28 EDT 2016

Come visit Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philly on Sunday, October 16th for
"Gallery Hours", choreographed by Meredith Stapleton, featuring Marisa
Illingworth, Harlee Trautman, & Jennifer Yackel.

Sunday Oct 16, 2-6pm
@ Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia
(319 N 11th St, Ste 2H)

What if our bodily sense of center was relocated to our knees or mouth? How
would our relationship to gravity and postural language change? "Gallery
Hours" imagines landscapes in which the body explores alternative centers,
each encountering a variation of strangeness. The performers double as
gallery attendants shifting on and off duty, but never fully off. National
Public Radio, to which the piece is scored, immerses the gallery in a sea
of stories and events, reminding us that these four de-centered bodies are
part of an interconnected world. Each hour will follow the same score on a
different cast. The audience may filter in and out at their own pace.
Here's our plan for each hour, if you want to pick and choose what most
interests you.

Warm Up (10-15min)
Long Section (about 35 minutes)
Duo/Trio (5-10 min)
Break (5-10min)

Check out the preperation for "Gallery Hours" here:

*The perfromance will take place during the final exhibiiton of
A BODY HAS NO CENTER, "Frame/ Unframed".


A BODY HAS NO CENTER is an ever-expanding contstellation of exhibiitons,
events and performances, curated by Ricky Yanas through TSA Philly.

Information about the exhibitions:

Evoking the idea of “open cities” as articulated by noted pragmatist,
sociologist, and urban planner Richard Sennett, A Body Has No Center is an
exhibition in action, positioning arts in relation to other creative
practices, static objects in conversation with dynamic processes, and
viewers in contact with timely events and ambiences. "The body,"
represented literally as the figure, plays a necessary but simultaneously
tangential role in the exhibition, acting as a “MacGuffin” to consider
another kind of body. This body is that of the community/ communities of
artists and others who embrace, define, and create the living city we
inhabit. Coming at a time when foreign bodies, brown and black bodies, and
gendered bodies are central subjects in mainstream discourse of division, A
Body Has No Center is a dialogue in and around the body’s representation
AND the actual environments that it inhabits, surrounds, and connects. OUR
bodies are points of contact, parts of a network of being, and not a total
whole. Like the "self," they are built of relationships, more like borders
than boundaries; open systems, never closed.

Curator Ricky Yanas proposes A Body Has No Center as an “incomplete object”
opening up the idea of the gallery exhibition as a site for “emergent
forms.” With a dynamic range of participants, a set of rotating
mini-exhibitions in the Tiger Strikes Asteroid gallery and other venues,
and a multitude of performances and events spread throughout the
Philadelphia area, the project will be defined by a series of
non-harmonious moments, events and atmospheres rather than a singular
theme, specific space, or particular kind of work. Decentralizing the focus
of the exhibition makes possible a space of play and informality where
moments and relationships are privileged over constant and concrete forms,
echoing the joyous instability of any singular view of what we are.

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