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Lisa Kraus lisakraus at verizon.net
Fri Oct 7 12:30:00 EDT 2016

Dear Dance Community,


The chance to work with Karen Nelson is one I'd urge anyone to grab. She is
brilliant, fearless and an awesome teacher of improvisation.


In particular if you are interested in the space where meditation and dance
meet, there's a special workshop - OPEN SPACE OF OPEN SPACE: Contemplative
Dance/Contemplative Arts Practice - on Thursday Oct. 20 at the Shambhala
Center on Sansom Street, 10am - 2pm. Info is  here.


The full week of workshops and performances is listed here
<https://www.facebook.com/events/983282665114057/> . 


More about the OPEN SPACE  workshop is directly below. 





In Open Space of Open Space, we have a unique opportunity to carry our
meditation practice from the retreat of the cushion to the unpredictability
of the moving world in continuous freedom. The container of this practice,
based on Contemplative Dance Practice invented by Barbara Dilley, provides a
structure where we can bring our messy, ordinary selves and attend to
sensations, feelings and symbols of our experience that constitute
intuition, creativity, joy, and expanding awareness. The practice invites
people of all walks of life, artists of all forms or none, to take this
ritual three-part journey:

1.	Spacious awareness through sitting meditation.
2.	Personal exploration/awareness practice, self care without any
obligation to anyone else.
3.	Open Space / Community sharing where we can witness, act, meditate
and move freely between these places.

This 4-hour workshop, culminating in the ritual of the Contemplative Arts
Practice will include a guided warm-up using Embodied Life movements based
in Feldenkrais, and facilitated explorations using the senses as guides,
group tuning through stillness and movement, Focusing influenced
listening-speaking and chances to bring your personal creative practice to
the space. 





Lisa Kraus

Director, Trisha Brown: In the New Body <http://trishabrown.brynmawr.edu/> 

Curator, Bryn Mawr College Performing Arts Series

Co-founder, thINKingDANCE <http://thinkingdance.net/> 




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