[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] Gyrokinesis(R) 10 week series!

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Mon Sep 19 16:27:14 EDT 2016

Gyrokinesis® Classes at Healing Arts Collective
519 S. 9th St. Philadelphia

Starts the first week of October!

Tuesdays at 5:30pm
Thursdays at 10am

Taught by Jennifer Binford Johnson

Jennifer works with athletes, dancers, and all those interested in
enhancing, healing, lengthening, strengthening, and simply enjoying their
physical experience. She earned her MFA in modern dance form University of
Utah, where she worked with renowned dance kinesiologist and author, Dr.
Sally Fitt. She continues to explore the subjects of optimal performance
cross training, dance medicine, sport psychology, movement analysis, and
the well being of the moving body. She is certified to teach GYROKINESIS®,
and GYROTONIC® level 1, level 2, and Applications for Dancers. She trained
in Pilates under the late Robert Fitzgerald in New York City. She currently
studies with Irene Dowd, and has completed numerous of her teacher-training

More about Gyrokinesis®...

A typically class begins by practicing self-massage and simple breathing
patterns known as "Awakening of the Senses." Participants then begin
to mobilize
the spine through a series of simple and organic movements such as arching,
curling, bending, twisting and spiraling, all while seated on a stool.  As
the class develops it moves to the floor, or a mat. More vigorous
movements, with co-ordinated breathing patterns, are executed to enhance
trunk stability, stimulate the cardiovascular system, build strength,
and increase
endurance.  Class often finishes with a short relaxation period.

The practice of GYROKINESIS® exercise can result in aerobic and
cardiovascular stimulation, enhanced neuromuscular awareness, and
an increase of mobility in the spine, shoulders, chest and hips.

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