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Anna Kroll anna at fringearts.com
Mon Sep 19 15:03:51 EDT 2016

“Since Mr. Castellucci founded his theater company . . . he has steadily
won acclaim—and generated debate—for provocative, hallucinatory imagery and
often apocalyptic themes.”
-Tom Sellar, *The New York Times*

Famed Italian director Romeo Castellucci re-envisions his groundbreaking
1997 production *Giulio Cesare* (*Julius Caesar*) as a series of
“fragments” rearranged and positioned against each other—a clash between
the ethereal and the obscure, the power of rhetoric and language stripped
to its source.

A Julius Caesar who “speaks” only through gestures—an old Caesar, no longer
possessing power, his gestures move the air and produce a sound. Mark
Anthony’s funeral oration delivered by a man without vocal chords, whose
voice is produced solely from his stomach and esophagus. A third actor
delivers a dialogue on the state of Rome, an endoscope inserted through his
nostrils so the audience can see his vocal chords vibrating in real time.
In life, in theater, what do words hide, where does their power emerge from?

*Sept 22 at 5pm*
*Sept 22 at 7pm*
*Sept 23 at 5pm*
*Sept 23 at 7pm*
*Sept 24 at 5pm**Sept 24 at 7pm*

Use code *artist15 *at check out for $15 tickets to curated shows like *Julius
Caesar. Spared Parts*
<http://fringearts.com/event/julius-caesar-spared-parts/> by Romeo

For transportation to and from the 5 o’clock shows, check out the Navy Yard


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