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*Bilateral: Budapest/Philadelphia Dance Artists Exchange 2016*

PDP is pleased to announce that *ANNA BICZOK*  and *IMRE VASS *will guest
artists in Philadelphia beginning mid-September for a three week creative
and cultural exchange residency.


*Meet The Bilateral Artists on Wednesday, September 21 at 7PM *

*at The Whole Shebang, 1813 South 11th Street*.

FREE   RSVP info at philadanceprojects.org      215.546.2552


*Bilateral Interactions *to share practice and create dance together…..

*Imre Vass* invites peer artists to come together and share their
practices, dance knowledge and choreography *Thursday, September 29, 6-9PM
and Saturday, 12:30-4:30Pm  at The Whole Shebang*

FREE   RSVP info at philadanceprojects.org      215.546.2552

*Anna Biczok* is looking for artists who would like to participate in
a “*quickshare
project”* maybe 4 or 5 “rehearsal preparation and with the option to make a
short performance event.”

(*Date/Time to be set by mutual availability) If interested contact:
info at philadanceprojects.org <info at philadanceprojects.org>  *

Both Bilateral 2016 Artists have collaborated with choreographer Adrienn
Hod, who was Bilateral Artist in the Fall of 2014.  Imre also toured as
dancer with Ultima Vez/Wim Vendekebus in 2009-10.

Anna began creating her own work in 2014. At present she says, *“ **I am
working mainly with improvisation techniques and scores to explore
unknown,* *unconscious
territories appearing in the moment. I am obsessed with personal point of
views, specific colorful authonomic interpretation of one’s peculiar
relation to the world. Dance art* *is the most beautiful field of this
exploration for me, as it needs the whole bodymind*

*for creation. I could not imagine any material that has more stake than
this temporarily alive*

*flesh called body.”*

Imre has been creating his own work since 2010 and besides being presented
in Budapest he has shown his work in Berlin, Copenhagen, London,
Bratislava, Vienna, Brussels. He says *“I travel a lot as a performer and I
am looking forward to find ways to establish myself as an* *international
dance-maker as well. The cultural policy and infrastructure is not
supporting* *the kind art I am representing, but it is not the primary
cause I am keeping my sight outside* *of the borders of Hungary. I want to
make art that deals with specific, local issues but holds*

*a global awareness.”*

*The Bilateral Dance Artists Exchange is presented by Philadelphia Dance
Projects **and made possible with support from the Trust for Mutual

To date six contemporary dance artists have participated in a unique 3 week
artist residency exchange through Philadelphia Dance Projects (PDP) in
partnership with DanceUP (2012-2014) and the Hungary Workshop Foundation:

2012 Ferenc Feher, Katya Lengel from Budapest in Philadelphia

2013 Tori Lawrence, Guillermo Ortega from Philadelphia in Budapest

2014 Adrienn Hod, Judit Szamos from Budapest in Philadelphia

2015 Nichole Canuso, Gabrielle Revlock from Philadelphia in Budapest.

*www.philadanceprojects.org <http://www.philadanceprojects.org>*

at Philadanco 9  N. Preston Street   Phila PA 19104 USA
215.546.2552 *  info at philadanceprojects.org <info at philadanceprojects.org>
  **www.philadanceprojects.org <http://www.philadanceprojects.org/>*

*Meet The Bilateral Artists from Budapest*
* Wed. Sept 21 at 7PM*
*at The Whole Shebang, 1813 South 11th St.  FREE*

*More info at: *www.philadanceprojects.org/calendar

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