[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] Free Webinar: Your Guide to a Seamless Online Event (12/1)

Leah leah at nonprofitlearninglab.org
Mon Nov 30 10:13:12 EST 2020

We hope everyone is able to stay healthy and supportive of your communities
at this time. The Nonprofit Learning Lab
<http://www.nonprofitlearninglab.org/> is offering many free and low fee
trainings. We are hosting an online version of our Train the Trainers
Workshop <http://www.nonprofitlearninglab.org/onlinettt> which is a three
part series and great for those looking to expand their knowledge of how to
train and facilitate adults in the virtual space.

*We are hosting several free webinars coming up, you can register
at www.nonprofitlearninglab.org/webinars

   - Your Guide to a Seamless Online Event
   - Gaining Media Attention for Your Nonprofit
   - Understanding Microaggressions in the Nonprofit Workplace
   - Confronting Institutional Bias in the Nonprofit Sector

*Do you need tech support for your virtual event, fundraiser or convening? *If
you are looking for back end tech support or guidance for your upcoming
virtual event, conference, large meeting or fundraiser, we can support you
in that way: www.nonprofitlearninglab.org/tech.


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Leah Weiner, Ed.D., Director


Upcoming online trainings <http://nonprofitlearninglab.org/onlinetrainings>

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