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Fri Dec 7 11:18:02 EST 2018

"Keening," a free, shared wailing practice:

6 weeks of Mondays, January 14th- February 18th, 6:30-7:45 PM at The Whole
Shebang, 1813 S 11th st, rear entrance

This workshop is open to anyone interested in loud
wailing/moaning/singing/burping in the beautifully resonant Whole Shebang
studio. No prior vocal training necessary. Priority will be given to folks
who can commit to at least 4 of the 6 weeks.

FREE but donations are happily accepted to help cover the cost of the space.

During the development of my solo At Home with the Humorless Bastard, I
developed a vocal practice inspired by the old Celtic practice of keening:
wailing over a recently-dead person’s body. This workshop is an experiment
in “keening” in a group setting. I’d like to offer it to people who might
find it useful in their artistic practices or daily lives (it’s a nice
practice for when your cat shits in your shoe). That said, the practice is
somewhat co-created by the folks who are in the room.

Please note: I have taken about a dozen voice lessons in my life. I do not
have a solid foundation of “training.” Please understand that I can’t
properly care for your voice and that you take the workshop assuming
responsibility for the health and safety of your own voice.

Please email me: anne.macg.wilson at gmail.com with any questions and to


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