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Tue Jun 5 22:08:17 EDT 2018

 This summer Pasion y Arte is offering two levels of Flamenco and a new
restorative class, Chinese Shenyun.  The Flamenco classes are going to be
diving into the structure of Flamenco.  The beginning class is learning
Tangos and the Intermediate Bulerías.

All classes are at the Overbrook Garage Studio: 6411 Overbrook Avenue,
Philadelphia.  Just a couple block from the Overbrook Regional Rail Station
and from the 10 Trolley Line.

*June 11 and 13th Intermediate: Bulerías with Special Guest Teacher Sara
Candela *

Monday and Wednesday 7:00-8:30 pm

*June 23 - July 28*

*Basic Beginner: Tangos de Fiesta with Elba Hevia y Vaca*

Saturday 10:30-12

Drop-in $15   -   6 Class Card $78

This summer the basic beginner class will learn the structure of Tangos.

Tangos Gitanos/ por fiesta became a part of flamenco in the 19th century,
certain aspects of older flamenco forms were folded into it, including
12-count soleares letras –reshaped to fit the four count rhythmic pattern.
Tangos of Granada shows traces of Moorish Zambras, while the Tangos de
Cadiz, tanguillos, is a compound rhythm of triples and duplets.

The core of Tangos is the letra, verse, as with bulerias, we will study the
structure of the letra and how the dance fits with the verse.

Guitar Falseta Llamad from the dancer (callsfo in/cues de singer)
Letra- song vers, broken into sections (where the dancer inserts footwork
Llamada from the dancer
Letra- song verse
Escobilla- long footwork section
Cierre/Llamada (final cue going into exit)

*June 18 -July 28*

*Intermediate: Bulerías **with Elba Hevia y Vaca*

Monday and Wednesday 7:00-8:30 pm | Saturdays 12:15-1:45

Drop-in $15   -   6 Class Card $78

This summer the intermediate classes will learn bulerías. Bulerías is one
of the hardest flamenco forms to dance due to it's improvisational nature,
complex rhythm, and nuanced cante.  But, once you understand the components
of the dance and how they relate to the music (the singing and the compás)
you'll be well on your way to obtaining bulerías freedom!

Bulerías, like other flamenco forms, has its own language.  When we dance
we are in conversation with singer, the guitarist, and the palmeros.  Below
is the structure that we will be learning this summer, while investigating
the verse and the relationship to the dance.

Patá (Patada)
(Another Marcaje or Paso de Bulerías)

**There will be no class on Saturday June 9th (for the student performance
at Westpark Arts Festival)* *and on Saturday June 16th (Elba will be in
Albuquerque for a Flamenco Festival)*

Born in La Paz, Bolivia, Elba Hevia y Vaca is a creative artist and
visionary bringing the Flamenco art form to Philadelphia for over a
decade.  She began her study of classical Spanish dance at the age of five.
She later studied and danced professionally with the Ana Martinez Flamenco
Dance Company in D.C., and danced with Washington’s Raquel Peña Spanish
Dance Company, appearing as a soloist at various venues throughout the U.S.
In Philadelphia she continued her study of modern dance, jazz, and contact
improvisation from various Philadelphia artists.  She continues her dance
studies and research yearly in Sevilla, submerging herself with master
dancers, musicians and singers of the art form. In 2000, Hevia y Vaca
founded Pasión y Arte (PyA) and has developed it into Philadelphia’s
premier contemporary Flamenco dance company.  She founded it out of a
strong and intensely personal conviction that highly-stylized traditional
Spanish flamenco dance is a perfect vessel to empower women. These values
have been reflected in her eight original, critically acclaimed evening
length works she has created for PyA and in the numerous grants,
fellowships and accolades awarded to Hevia y Vaca and PyA under her
direction. These works push the boundaries of the Flamenco art form through
experimentation with site-specific choreography, and many are the product
of collaborations with international flamenco stars and renowned
post-modern dancers. She also founded a conservatory, launched two citywide
Flamenco festivals and is a Senior Adjunct at Franklyn and Marshal, Adjunct
at Temple and Drexel University.

*New: Shenyun with Guest Teacher Alissa Elegant*

*Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm June 7th - July 26th*

Shenyun (body rhythm) is a Chinese somatic and dance practice based on the
ancient philosophy of chi. Set to calming music it helps you to soften your
energy and connect with your breath. Developed in the 1980s by the Beijing
Dance Academy to teach Chinese classical dancers the philosophies of energy
and breath it helps with articulation of the spine and hands, initiation of
movement with breath, connection of gaze and movement, and release of
tension from the body. This class will be taught by Alissa Elegant who
finds it to be more relaxing than yoga.

Alissa has studied Shenyun for a decade including in China as a Fulbright
Fellow.  This practice helps her put aside the worries of the modern
go-go-go lifestyle.  It is appropriate for dancers of all levels from the
professional to budding adult dancers.

**Sliding Scale *

Alissa Elegant is a dance teacher and emerging choreographer who produces
whimsical and thoughtful work. She has many years of dance experience both
in the United States and China.  She grew up dancing at the Oakland Ballet
Academy under Ronn Guidi and performing roles with the Oakland Ballet
Company. She is near fluent in Chinese and has studied Chinese dance for
almost a decade in the diaspora and in China.  She took classes at the
well-respected Minzu University in Beijing, and participated in field
research alongside Chinese professors, teachers, and students.  After
completing the fellowship, she had the honor of returning to the diaspora
community that nurtured her for six years and sharing what she learned.
She has since set pieces on the San Francisco dance company World Dance
Fusion amongst others.  She is currently working towards her MFA at Temple
University where she has taught and danced for Ishamel Houston-Jones.

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