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Tue Apr 17 14:03:39 EDT 2018

Join us THIS SATURDAY APRIL 21 for the second session of Nicole Bindler
<https://www.facebook.com/nicole.bindler?fref=mentions>'s spring Embodied
Anatomy series, Blood, Sea: salty, fluid dances! This session will explore
our blood as the transport system for our emotions and identities.
*in advance $18 general/$15 artists | at the door $20 general/$18 artists*

Scroll down for more info and register at http://www.


Dancing Dynamically, Autonomously with Shannon Murphy continues Wednesday
10-11:30am. Join us for some luscious feeling, moving, weight shift
tracking, DANCING!
Wednesdays 10-11:30am through May
$15 general/$12 artists
$10 with a class card

more info: http://www.thewholeshebangphilly.com/take-classes/shannon


About Blood, Sea: salty, fluid dances -

Nicole Bindler's spring BMC classes are inspired by her current
choreographic research and several threads that are explored in Body-Mind
Centering: our evolution from the ocean to land, our ontogenetic journey
from the amniotic sea of the womb to adulthood, and the embodied anatomy of
the fluids, which can inspire and support our movement.

The title is drawn from the writing of Italo Calvino. His short story,
"Blood, Sea" refers to the balance of salinity in our blood and in the
ocean from which we humans evolved: “Bathed by the primordial wave which
continues to flow in the arteries, our blood in fact has a chemical
composition analogous to that of the sea of our origins.” As we evolved
into terrestrial beings, we brought the sea inside of us onto land.

*Saturday April 21, 11am-2pm*
*The Endocrine and Immune Systems: Blood as the Transport System for Our
Identities and Emotions*

Building on the idea that our heart is everywhere, this workshop we will
explore how the endocrine and immune systems are everywhere because they
use the blood as their transport system. We will cover some basic cells and
organs of the immune system and the roles of the various endocrine glands.
We will go cellular and molecular with our attention and telescope outward
to see how these chemical processes impact our ideas and relationships.

The Whole Shebang
1813 South 11th street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

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