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Samantha Ambrico Custer samanthaambrico at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 13:41:54 EDT 2018


My name is Samantha. I am a young professional who recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in dance (and another in psychology). I have been dancing for almost 20 years, and now share my love of dance through teaching in the Philly area.

I am blind, and have always learned, performed, and choreographed in a unique way because of my disability. Due to this, navigating the realm of traditional companies, MFA programs, and classes has been a bit tricky. I am reaching out to the Philadelphia dance community because I am looking for dancers and/or companies who may be interested in collaborating with me. Whether you are a teacher interested in learning how to make your classes accessible or may be interested in hosting a "sightless" class, choreographer looking for differently-abled dancers, or performer looking to collaborate in a physically-integrative piece, please let me know! I am eager to further my experiences as an artist, and would be open to any potential oportunities!

If interested, please contact me via email at: samanthaambrico at gmail.com, or by phone at: (631)-807-5249.

Note: Please see the below video, which briefly captures my journey and goals as a blind dancer.

Thank you,

Samantha Ambrico Custer
Inclusion Consultant | Teaching Artist
samanthaambrico at gmail.com

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