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*Tuesday: Intermediate/Advanced Ballet with KYL/D Rehearsal Director Maggie
Zhao from 4:00-5:30pm*

*Thursday: Contemporary/Dance Theater with Wally from 4:00-5:30pm*

Each month, a different KYL/D company member will teach his/her own
technique for Thursday classes. For the month of December, Evalina "Wally"
Carbonell will be teaching a contemporary class you don't want to miss!

*About Wally: * *Evalina (known affectionately as Wally), is a
Philadelphia-based dance artist. A passionate performer, creator, and
teacher, she is currently a member of the internationally active Kun-Yang
Lin/ Dancers.* *Additionally, she works as a free-lance artist, performing
as a guest nationally and locally, teaching dance,* *Gyrotonic and
Gyrokinesis, and creating her own work.**Evalina is an innovator who
creates sensual, inspired, highly physical dance that seeks to communicate,*
 *unearthing humanity, and framing it with clarity.*

 *About her class: **Expect a full-bodied, three-dimensional dance
experience, featuring movements which stem from the breath and the spine.
The energy and fire within will come to the surface with specificity of
intention and fearless expression. Vocabulary will range from buttery,
fluid circularity to sharp, linear, directional shifts, changing levels,
and playing with timing, all to an eclectic and inspiring soundtrack. *
*Saturdays: CHI Awareness Technique with Kun-Yang Lin from 12:30-2:00pm*

*About his class: Lin's signature CHI Awareness Technique is the
foundational technique for Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers (KYL/D). It explores the
spaces where Western dance forms including ballet, modern, post-modern and
hip-hop meet the impulses of Eastern philosophies, including Taoism and Zen
Buddhism. The class focuses on how, through modulation of breath (or "chi",
in Mandarin), weight and weightlessness co-exist simultaneously and energy
seamlessly transitions among explosive bursts of rapid, expansive phrase
work, and absolute stillness. Class begins quietly and gradually builds in
complexity, culminating in dynamic phrase work. CHI Awareness Technique
expands the perimeter of Western dance practices through an Eastern
perspective that reflects Lin's conception of dance as the ultimate
integration of body, spirit and mind.  *

Learn more about KYL/D: http://www.kyld.org/

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