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Jessica Warchal-King jessica at kyld.org
Tue Aug 23 15:33:55 EDT 2016

Join KYL/D for open company classes!

*Tuesdays - Intermediate/ Advanced Ballet 4:00-5:30pm*

$15/ drop in. $12/ students & professionals.

*Thursdays - Rotating KYL/D artists 4:00-5:30pm*

This week is Nikolai McKenzie's last week teaching!

$15/ drop in. $12/ students & professionals.

*Class Description: *Nikolai’s contemporary class is a high-rigor, dynamic
exploration of the power of the body in play. Using exercises aimed at
cultivating efficient suppleness with quiet strength, the class is a blend
of both embodied technical and creative expressive approaches to dance
work. From crawling, evolving to standing, walking and ultimately flying,
we conquer gravity, embody breath, command our own effort, and most of all,
amplify the stakes through risk in order to create in ourselves and the
space around us an available, vulnerable and authentic physicality. See
more: https://vimeo.com/177749814


Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Nikolai is a graduate of the BFA in Dance and
Choreography Program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.
Some performance highlights include the works of Banning Bouldin, Aszure
Barton, Robert Battle, Ohad Naharin, Kate Weare, Adam Barruch, Christian
Von Howard and is a recent addition to Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers. Nikolai has
had the pleasure studying with such artists as Sidra Bell, Alexandra Wells,
Adam Barruch, Ernesta Corvino, Antonio Brown, and Shannon Gillen through
such distinguished dance programs as the American Dance Festival,
Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School, the Movement Invention Project in
NYC, and Springboard Danse Montreal. Nikolai’s choreography has been
performed in Richmond, VA, and Norfolk, VA and in Philadelphia.

*Saturdays - Kun-Yang Lin's CHI Awareness Technique 12:30-2pm*

$15/ drop in. $12/ students & professionals.

Lin's signature CHI Awareness Technique is the foundational technique for
Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers (KYL/D). It explores the spaces where Western dance
forms including ballet, modern, post-modern and hip-hop meet the impulses
of Eastern philosophies, including Taoism and Zen Buddhism. The class
focuses on how, through modulation of breath (or "chi", in Mandarin),
weight and weightlessness co-exist simultaneously and energy seamlessly
transitions among explosive bursts of rapid, expansive phrase work, and
absolute stillness. Class begins quietly and gradually builds in
complexity, culminating in dynamic phrase work. CHI Awareness Technique
expands the perimeter of Western dance practices through an Eastern
perspective that reflects Lin's conception of dance as the ultimate
integration of body, spirit and mind.

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