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Tue Aug 23 11:41:26 EDT 2016

femme. collective performs an audience immersive dance performance for
Fringe Festival

Female-centric artist collective explores the idea of “jouska.”


PHILADELPHIA, PA -  the underrated act of talking to oneself, presented by
femme. collective, brings together dance movement and performance art to
explore the act of "jouska,” a hypothetical and often lively conversation a
person plays out in their head. femme. collective will perform the
underrated act of talking to oneself at The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut Street, on
Saturday September 17th at 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., and Sunday September
18th at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are available online at

Lives continue despite things being left unsaid or perhaps going
differently than expected. The practice of jouska serves to expel a
person’s inner monologue and release these words cathartically into the
ether. Sometimes jouska informs our future conversations, sometimes it is
merely an opportunity for conversation with one who cannot talk back. The
practice of jouska is surrounded by a storm cloud of intense emotion and
anxiety, yet also a sense of release and fortification. It is both
preparation and discard; dialogue within a monologue. the underrated act of
talking to oneself is an invitation to witness the inner workings of these
one-sided conversations, to experience the tension and slack produced by
the act of jouska.

ABOUT FEMME. COLLECTIVE <http://www.femmecollectivephilly.com/>:

femme. collective is a group of female-centric artists based in
Philadelphia, PA. Formed in the summer of 2015, their aim is to bring more
art and artist collaborations to the city through networking, showcase
opportunities, and a sprinkling of lady power. Over the past year, they
have sold out two dance performances and two “fierce grrrls” shows at
Bourbon & Branch that featured music and poetry, and have broken into the
festival sector by organizing their own summer vendor festival and
participating in Philadelphia’s 2nd Street Festival. The women of femme.
collective continue to empower each other, support women in the arts, and
provide a platform for female artists to collaborate in sharing their
passions through the underrated act of talking to oneself at Philadelphia’s
Fringe Festival this autumn.


The Fringe Festival, presented by FringeArts, is a 17-day, city-wide
celebration of innovation and creativity in contemporary performance. Each
September, the Festival explodes into every nook and cranny in
neighborhoods across Philadelphia with more than 1,000 artistically daring
performances, including national and international performances curated by
FringeArts, and works that are produced by independent artists and promoted
by FringeArts. The party continues late night, every night, with music,
food and drink at FringeArts’ center on the Delaware River waterfront. This
vast assemblage of curated and self-produced innovators offers an
unparalleled opportunity to see a cross section of the world’s greatest
experimenters at one time, in one city.


FringeArts is Philadelphia’s home for contemporary performance, presenting
progressive, world-class art that stretches the imagination and boldly
defies expectation. As the city’s lead experimenter in the arts, FringeArts
exposes audiences to unpredictable dance, theater and music performances by
accomplished and emerging innovators who are pushing the boundaries of
art-making and redefining the artistic landscape worldwide. Year-round
programming is presented at FringeArts’ state-of-the-art center on the
Delaware River Waterfront—a renovated historic building that also houses a
restaurant and beer garden. Each September, the organization presents the
annual Fringe Festival, a 17-day celebration that fills the city’s
neighborhoods with more than 1,000 curated and independently produced
contemporary performances. As a catalyst for cultural and community
development, and a destination that brings artists and audiences together,
FringeArts amplifies the vibrancy of the city’s arts community and enriches
the lives of those who reside, work and visit here.


the underrated act of talking to oneself: Dance, Performance Art


Saturday, September 17 at 6:00pm

Saturday, September 17 at 9:00pm

Sunday, September 18 at 2:30pm


The Rotunda

4014 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104


Choreography by: Caitlin Peck, Candace Eaton, Jackie Fetzer, Jilly
Appleheimer, Julia Bryck, Julia Davis, Julie Marinucci, Keila Cordova, and
Michelle MeGill

Performance by: Alyssia Whalen, Caitlin Green, Caitlin Peck, Camille
Gamble, Candace Eaton, Devon Lutz, Harlee Traubman, Ilana Haas, Jackie
Fetzer, Jilly Appleheimer, Julia Bryck, Julia Davis, Julie Marinucci, Kezia
Barclay, Loren McFalls, Mary-Carmen Webb, Michelle MeGill, Mynesha Whyte,
Olivia Naegele, Stephanie Rankin, and Tori Sexsmith



Visit http://fringearts.com/event/underrated-act-talking-oneself-2/ to
purchase tickets


Founded in “jouska,” the hypothetical and often lively conversation one has
with oneself, femme. collective presents an invitation to experience the
tension and slack, anxiety and catharsis that releases from the familiar,
and often underrated, activity of talking to yourself.

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Loren McFalls
info at femmecollectivephilly.com
Images available upon request.

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